NTDeliver centralizes and coordinates information from a variety of sources to better monitor and evaluate the NTD supply chain.

Reduce Fragmentation

Centralize data that’s currently spread across organizations in numerous spreadsheets, emails and databases.

Improve Collaboration

Allows WHO, medicine donors, shipping partners and local key stakeholders like MoH and implementing partners to work collaboratively in a single system.

Increase Measurement

Use KPIs to identify why purchase orders were running late, arming you with the information you need to diagnose problems and implement solutions.

Simplify Reporting

Automatically generate common reports that previously took a lot of time from your most valuable people, such as Monitoring Tables or Application Statuses.

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Planning & Forecasting

The Plan page pulls relevant data from WHO’s PCT databank, country applications, and PO shipping information. This gives an overall view of the past and present, allowing WHO all the information they need to predict soft-demand.

Production Forecasting

Allows medicine donors a data-driven estimate of soft-demand, automatically pulled from Plan and coupled with hard-demand, pulled from Purchase Orders.

Purchase Order Tracking

Purchase Order and shipping data is automatically loaded into the system. This data is combined with planned MDAs to create KPIs which allows users to view Projected vs. Actual Milestones.

Country Information

Country pages include Country-level information about population, shipping requirements, application statuses and purchase orders.


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